About Expolab

Expolab offer tech-enabled solutions for large groups and communities, such as Associations,Council, Trade bodies and other membership based organizations. Over the last several years we have been focusing on under-standing how people organize as groups and how technology can implemented to make them function better.

We understand that sometimes Technology by itself may not be enough. Hence we offer complimenting services along with our solutions. To know more about our offering please click on the following links.


  • What differentiates us point 1 Consistent and quality results
  • What differentiates us point 2 Long term business relationship with customers
  • What differentiates us point 3 Young & responsive team with loads of zeal & dynamism
  • What differentiates us point 4 Work as best consultants & partners not as vendors or agents
  • What differentiates us point 5 Paying attention to minutest of details for smooth workflow

The Team

We are a dedicated team of technology professionals and functional experts. There are three things important to our team.

Build Cutting Edge Solutions

Build 'Cutting Edge Solutions'

Keep Customer First  Approach

Keep 'Customer First' Approach

Always strive for Contineous Excellence

Always strive for 'Contineous Excellence'

Company Information

ExpoLab is a division of Prometheus Solutions (www.pssinfo.com) or PSS, as it is referred in the industry, was founded in 2008, by Nilay Jani (view profile) We started by offering technology solutions to Assocations, using our Association management suite, n-gauge (know more) However, many of our clients were reaching out to us to help them with implementing technologies for their events, which gave birth to ExpoLab.

At ExpoLab, we have a great team that understands not only technologies but also event management. This gives us a unique advantage in building our product. Get in touch with us to know more.

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Picture of Founder


Nilay is the founder of Expolab. With more than 15 years of International experience in developing technologies, Nilay offer the guidance to the team.

Nilay also brings vast experience and expertise in Group behaviour. He participates as a member on many boards and committees himself. Feel free to write him if you need any help.

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